• Catholic Clergy Claims
    Catholic Clergy Claims
    Dr Vivian Waller has acted in claims against Catholic Clergy since 1995.
  • State Ward Claims
    State Ward Claims
    Dr Viv Waller has acted for former wards of the state of Victoria since 1997 when she commenced group litigation on behalf of many former residents of the Ballarat Orphanage who were abused in care.
  • The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
    The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
    Established in January 2013, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse investigated how institutions like schools, churches and sporting groups responded to allegations of child sexual abuse.

Catholic Clergy Claims

Dr Vivian Waller has acted in claims against Catholic Clergy since 1995.

Catholic Clergy Claims


Waller Legal has acted in claims against Catholic defendants since our beginning in 2007 and has recovered compensation for survivors abused by Catholic Priests such as Frs Baker, Ridsdale, Kevin O'Donnell, D'Cruz, Gannon, Glennon, Gubbels, Frank Klep, Bernard Day, Pidoto and many others.

We specialise in claims where sexual abuse has been perpetrated by clergy members in Victoria.

We have helped our clients recover compensation for sexual abuse by Catholic priests, brothers, nuns and lay people working within a Catholic institution.

We have successfully recovered compensation for clients in claims against many Catholic entities, including the:

  • Christian Brothers
  • Diocese of Ballarat
  • Salesians of Don Bosco
  • Missionaries of the Sacred Heart
  • De La Salle Brothers
  • Passionist Brothers
  • Marist Brothers
  • Marist Fathers (or the Society of Mary)
  • Vincentians 
  • Redemptorists
  • Jesuits


The Christian Brothers

We have recovered compensation for hundreds of clients who were sexually abused at Christian Brother schools and orphanages in Victoria and throughout Australia.

Initially the majority of claims arose from schools in Ballarat, such as St Alipius Primary School and St Patrick’s College.  These cases related to sexual predators such as Christian Brothers Robert Charles Best, Ted Dowlan (now known as Ted Bales) and Leo Fitzgerald.  

In more recent times we have acted and continue to act for a large number of clients who came to Australia as child migrants from the United Kingdom, Malta and other countries and who were then sexually abused in Christian Brother run institutions in Western Australia, including Tardun, Bindoon, Clontarf and Castledare.

We have achieved compensation for former students of Parade College, St Leo’s Christian Brother College Box Hill, Therry College Broadmeadows (later known as Penola Catholic College) and other schools.  We have also successfully obtained compensation for clients abused by lay teachers in Christian Brother schools.

We have also run many successful claims for former state wards who were sexually abused at St Augustine’s Boys’ Home in Geelong and St Vincent Boys’ Home in South Melbourne.  We have achieved compensation for clients who were sexually abused in orphanages by various Christian Brothers including Brothers Eastmure, McGee, Hackett, Alford and Houston.

The Diocese of Ballarat

The Diocese of Ballarat includes fifty-one parishes that cover the western third of Victoria, extending from the Murray River in the North to the Southern Ocean in the South.

We act for survivors who were sexually abused by clergy of The Diocese of Ballarat including people harmed by notorious convicted child sex offender Father Gerald Ridsdale.

The Salesians of Don Bosco

We act for clients who were sexually abused at Rupertswood, Salesian College in Sunbury and St Joseph’s Regional College in Ferntree Gully.

Our clients’ claims relate to sexual abuse by Father Frank Klep, Father Julian Fox, former Father David Rapson, Father Michael Aulsebrook and others.

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC)

We have recovered compensation for clients who were sexually abused at Monivae College in Hamilton by different members of the MSC including convicted child sex offender Brother Edward Mamo.

The De La Salle Brothers

We have recovered compensation for clients who were sexually abused at different De La Salle run schools including at St Joseph’s primary school and De La Salle College in Malvern, Victoria.

Allegations have related to Brother Anselm (Tom Hallam) and Brother Ibar (Frank Keating).

The Marist Brothers

We act for clients who were sexually abused by different members of the Marist Brothers including convicted sex offender Brother Gerard McNamara.


If you wish to investigate a potential civil claim against a Catholic organisation, please call us on 03 9415 9999 to have a confidential discussion about your options.
In pursuit of justice
In The News
  • It has been a long journey trying to get the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart to be held accountable for how they looked after me as a child many years ago.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to Viv Waller and her team who work tirelessly behind the scenes in getting justice.  For others who are considering seeking remuneration again an organisation that failed to look after your safety and well-being, I have no hesitation in recommending Waller Legal. 

  • I feel so fortunate to have gone through this with you and your great team.

    The delicate way you approach very sensitive issues made this whole process a lot more comfortable than I would ever have imagined.  I will forever be grateful to you and your amazing team for taking my case.

    From me and all the other survivors, thank you so much.

  • Thank you so much for your efforts in this matter, and your patience with my frustrations as well.

  • Dear Viv and Staff, thank you so much. You are all wonderful.

    E, L & J
  • Viv Waller spent many hours over months gathering, sorting and preparing our evidence and my statement - a statement which was webcast around Australia and the world. 

    Viv Waller has spent her professional career solely helping and assisting people who were sexually assaulted as children by those in religious organisations.  In so many cases she had taken the power from the perpetrator and given it back to the survivor.

    Viv Waller’s work is essential.  Her guidance, abilities and professionalism lead me through a most overwhelming and daunting task which I can only thank her for.

    Chrissie Foster
  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work this year getting my VOCAT application together, and for the fantastic outcome. While I am still dealing with the emotional ramifications of what happened to me, I now feel like I have the means to continue rebuilding myself and my life. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much from me personally.  This decision has actually turned my life back around.  I didn’t realise how much my heart was hurting from anger and disbelief in the system.

    My heart is lighter and more at peace thanks to you all.  As a family we are unable to find suitable words on how much your efforts, consideration and concern means to us.  At last someone fought and believed in us.  Truly you have given us all so much peace.

  • Thank you for what you did, what you said and who you are, your thoughtfulness will always be remembered with more gratitude that you could ever know.

  • You are a wonderful warrior for truth and justice.

  • Again we cannot thank you enough for all your dedication and hard work over the past few years, we would not have made it without your persistence and dogged determination to get this to settlement stage, many others would have settled for less. We now have a girl who has beaten the odds, and whose self esteem has rocketed, is confident, and especially is calm!

    We wish you all good things in life, as without lawyers like yourself who will take the risk of taking on the "untouchables" we would not have kept our girl on track or most importantly, alive. The road for her is still to be traveled, but this will assist in making the journey less troubled, and we hope with time and continued therapy she will see herself as a complete person and not as a shadow of who she could be.

    You will be forever in our thoughts.

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